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Sexy Witch
Visit North Korea...we dare you.
Saul to Trump: Keep tweeting



Hitler - on many sidesTrump thanks Putin for kicking out diplomatsSmile RangoGlobal Warming ReminderEveryone, Calm The Fuck DownRepeal and Replace ObamaCare...with nothingIf Trump were about half a century youngerGood morning Europe. Have you had your yodle today?CNN-Trump - Point of singularityPolling Trump supportersTrumpcare, facelift and implantsMelania - Damsel in DistressHacked fridgeNulder, Scully, Fidget SpinnerThe Vegan Vision of HellStar Trek Beer AnomalyCancer Man - Conspiracy TheoryAll I needed was one more sip. Sunday destroyed.Scully: Mulder, I have a strange marking.Planking used to be a thingOf photographic memory and poorly designed mallsI'm not a moron, per seMonday, that's all she wroteWalking in circles, Lord of the Rings styleDepth perception on MondaysClever girl and her dumb sisterIf opioids keep backing you up...Ancestry, no recordMathematical formula for alternative factsVampires affected by opioidsSize of Universe vs Size of ButtsUrinating statue messHawking Doom and GloomPregnant Women Can KillMemesMona Lise Sex Change SurgeryMinistry of AgricultureDemocracy Test DummySiri Fail - Star trekWhite House Switches to CoalCaillou - assholeSeven Eleven changes name to 9 ThirteenCar for blacksI'm not a chef, but I did stay at a Trump hotel last nightEvolution or CreationJared Kushner, The 36-Year-Old Political VirginBill Cosby, American DaddyZuckerberg announcementUrge to pop a zitUrinating boy sculpturesWhite House TransparencyTick causes allergy to red meatIt's Thursday, But Tomorrow Never DiesPutin: Don't worry comrade Trump, I have tapesQuiz: 40-Year-Old Virgin or Jared KushnerBalding DYIPathetic breastsReopia(TM) FDA-approved cure for opioid addictionOkja = baconFridays are not kind to dogsBumping into window meshPeople who eat fish twice a week are losersFirst pictures of dark matterCowfefe in natural habitatCanadian wallNo breastfeeding onboard the ISSUninstall Trump 2016Nixon never tweetedCats and vegetablesTitanic - Spoiler AlertMuppets anticipating Sean Spicer's briefingSean Spicer Press Briefing - Dictatorship editionVictims of the Opioid EpidemicOpioid Epidemic spreads to animalsYou finally meet your online date in personHawk - MohawkKomandant in ChiefMy distant relative CaesarTrump, open Area 51 to public!Best Father's Day ever!Extremists of the world unite!Debate with a veganTrump's worst weekTerminator -- messaging your exRipley Does the GalaxyHilarious relationship quoteTrump of OzOpioid EpidemicMonday - CheckmateTangoed - Trump and PutinMatrix - TwitterTrump admits to being investigatedSexy WitchSaul to Trump: Keep tweetingIt's Friday, mofo. U gonna need these on MondayWine or Beer?Donald - obstructionI don't recall any SessionsJeff Sessions - So HELP ME GodCloudy with a chance of TrumpSmeagol - Comey Vindicated UsUnmasking, da?Theresa May, look at the bright sideSessions having trouble remembering days of weekJohn McCain senior momentTrump - Forgive him Father, for he knows naughtThe DealfatherTrump CloudDon't believe anything our president says off-leashGet ripped of on hotel roomsHello MondayComeyrangYou are dumb for not believing man-made climate change is realBrownies are radioactiveSriracha revolutionSean Spicer: I dunnoThe Incredible Shrinking Sean SpicerKardashians In Crisis, Trump stole all attentionScott Pruitt making it perfectly clearEvolved or Devolved PrimateCows in Natural HabitatAxis of WTFTake that planet, you were so unfairYou are so full of covfefeClimate change debateCow - CowfefeCovfefe HairstyleTrump to supporters: Climate change is not realQuestion for Trump supportersTrump withdrawing from Paris AccordcovfefeNEWS DE-FAKERFairly unbelievableAngela Merkel, BS DetectorHello Kitty connect-the-dots for Trump supportersBrent Spiner and Bill Pullman playdatePlanet of the Apes, Caesar's obsession with warBefore and After Tiger WoodsMr Woods, why did you DUI? NaiveteA tweet to Angela MerkelMr Big -- ZootopiaBeauty is in the eye of the beholderThe Godfather-in-chiefTime FliesStrategy session in progress at the White HouseMerkel: Europe can't rely on USI am not sure I follow - Sigmund FreudBan MuslimsBabe, you been using again?Instagram memeScrew your attention spanComedians in crisisRussian InfestationTrumpoleonTake me to your leader (Trump)OK Kush, you winHumanity are doomedEvolution of man is cyclicalTrump on ISISFidget DroneHELLO? i am literally being bullied hereTrump to NATO: Show me the moneyWhite House Intelligence LeakSean Spicer: No far, I wanted to see the PopePMS in a nutshellGreg Gianforte for CongressStephen Hawking - Aliens or CapitalismSessions - AmnesiaNocturnalNew phone - first selfieSean Spicer - HelpCheeeeeseQuick stop in MoscowWhite House leaksThe 5th of the FlynnMars is Flat, deal with itJung on TrumpThe 24 hour news cycleDonald of ArabiaWashingshire Witch HuntTrump on the ledgeDonald Trump is Forrest GumpFalling Peaches: Nixon, Clinton, TrumpSchrodinger's PresidencyAs Good As It GetsTrump RoadtripDonald, it'll blow overTrump: Russia investigation a witch-huntOopsy Daisy, here comes Robert MuellerUnfair to call Trump nixonianLavrov: Comey was firedWhite House in Disarray, Kayleigh McEnany, CNNThe White House CircusNorth korea tests latest ballistic missile amid growing tensionsYou can do this Spicy, they are just words - Sean SpicerKara McCullough: Because I'm privilegedTrump, Boss Baby, PwesidentTrump's FBI Candidates, the short listPapa don't preach, Sean Spicer, MadonnaUFO, Proof of AliensTrump, The Manchurian CandidateTrue scale of printer cartridgesThreats, Lies and AudiotapeBig Trouble in Little RussiaThere had better be no tapesThere had better be no tapesPrime the PumpThey Tricks Us, Filthy RussiansesNow You See MeThe Firing of James Comey by the Coward Donald TrumpDonald Trump, First 100 DaysSmart cookie vs plain-old cookieWe offer you this specimen, PLEASEAlternative FactsThe Day The Earth Stood StillThe Winning
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